Del McCoury Band 1969-08-08

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Del McCoury Band 1969-08-08
Shade Gap Bluegrass Festival
Gettysburg, PA

A couple of days ago, I went through the agonizing process of moving apartments. So this post will be pretty short, but I want to share this show. I burned it out to CD some time ago-something I rarely do anymore-but never got around to listening to it. When I ran across the CD, I tossed it into the truck to listen to between apartments. This recording of the Del McCoury Band from 1969 became the instant soundtrack of the move.

As many readers of this blog know, both Chris and I are big bluegrass fans. While I listen to a lot of it, I don't tend to spend much time with the folk/bluegrass music of the 1960's. It just doesn't resonate with me. Not my generation. While Del McCoury was on the scene in the 1960's, he has stayed on to be part of the bluegrass music I listen to. How is this possible?

I've often heard that an artist needs to evolve to stay relevant. To keep pushing and testing the boundaries of art. That's certainly one approach, but Del indicates that there might be another. It seems to be one more black and white. Find good music, and keep playing it. For if it's good, people will listen to it. I'm not suggesting that Del isn't innovative, but that there is a certain attraction to carrying on a tradition.

Here is the show, in two sets for your enjoyment:
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, John Henry, Footprints In The Snow, John Hardy, Bringing Mary Home, Slewfoot,The Crippled Boy, Katie Hill, Blue & Lonesome, Flower Blooming In The Wild, Working On A Building, Outroduction, Introduction, Dark Hollow, Bonnie And Clyde, Uncle Pen, Sitting Alone In The Moonlight, Old Joe Clark, Prisoner Song, Orange Blossom Special, Outroduction

Del McCoury - Guitar
Dick Stabler - Mandolin
Billy Sage - Fiddle
Donny Eldredge - Banjo
Dewey Renfro - Bass
Thanks to who recorded and transfered this show!

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