Poor Man's Whiskey 2007-05-18

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Poor Man's Whiskey 2007-05-18 The Mystic Theater Petaluma, CA (Stream and Download)

There are certainly many occasions for dissecting, discussing, and microanalyzing a live show. Occasionally, there is a time where you simply cannot speak for a show better than it can speak for itself. For the first time in my history writing for TheJiveFather, I have found myself deciding to use the latter strategy.

It comes down to this: I could tell you all about Poor Man's Whiskey, but since I've only just become aware of them myself, I'm sure they'll do a better job. I could tell you about my love of Pink Floyd and the Dark Side of the Moon album in particular, but if you're here you're probably either aware or on the same page at least. I could tell you about how awesome it is to hear a bluegrass take on said album, but I simply don't possess the mastery of language to do it justice.

Just listen to it.

Until a band decides to cover my favorite Floyd album, Animals, and do it really well, this will stand as my favorite Pink Floyd cover.

You know the album, but formalities beckon:

1) Speak To Me
2) Breathe
3) On The Run
4) Time
5) Breathe - reprise
6) Great Gig in the Sky
7) Whiskey(Money)
8) Us and Them
9) Any Colour You Like
10) Brain Damage
11) Eclipse

Sound is a B, it's good but the crowd noise is a little too prominent. Taped/Transferred by Eric Walton, thanks for allowing the lunatic to be in all of our heads. Photo credit to the band's website. Thanks to the curators at archive.org for making this a Curator's Choice show, I'd have never found it otherwise.

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