A Reintroduction

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

We have decided to slowly bring back thejivefather. In the years since we last posted on this blog much has changed. There are additional distractions and downward pressure on free time. The importance of live record music only increases with these pressures. Neither of us seem to have the free income or time to hit up all of the live shows we would like. Searching through archive.org helps ease that pressure by giving an outlet to approximate the live music experience at home.

This blog is a musical conversation between two friends. It is an easy way for us to share shows with each other, while at the same time sharing with the world. Stylistically, we are all over the map. Show to show we jump from genre to genre. The only thing tying it all together is good music. Until someone starts paying us to write (or to stop writing), this rough-hewn and disjointed trip through music will continue.

The lossless audio tutorial is now updated and available as a stand alone page.

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