Derek Trucks 2005-02-27

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Derek Trucks 2005-02-27
Red River Saloon - Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Derek Trucks Band is an ideal candidate for the inaugural post of thejivefather. Not only is DTB one of the strongest touring acts found today, but they follow in the tradition of allowing free and open distribution of recordings of their live performance. It seems more and more bands are trying to lock down the distribution of live shows. These efforts range from online stores that sell digital copies, to restriction to bit torrent, or to outright prohibition. I personally have a great deal of respect for bands that allow their music on It's easy and accessible.

Question: How is the setlist decided for each show? Do you keep track of what was played the last time playing the city?
Answer (Yonrico): Actually, we get a list of all the songs that we played during that tour and the last 3 times we were in that city. Then we also think about what we played the night before and what we are reaching for. For instance, in San Francisco we wrote all 4 sets at one time but we only repeated 2 songs in 4 sets.

2005 was a special time to be a fan of the Derek Trucks Band. They were riding a groove and pumping out incredible performances. In a field of amazing shows, this one stands out. I saw them in November at the Avalon in Boston, but that show lacked some of the energy from this one earlier in the year. Give a careful listen to interaction between the Trucks and Smallie (bass) on "For My Brother." The bass moves through the song like a funky freight train. Trucks rhythm playing while Mattison sings is interesting to listen by itself, but somehow does so without being distracting. Other stand outs from the night include "Hey Driver! What City?" and "Soul Serenade." The set played out like this:
01) Preachin' Blues
02) Down, Don't Bother Me
03) Chevrolet
04) Hey Driver! What City?
05) Lonely Avenger
06) Soul Serenade
07) Crow Jane
08) I'll Find My Way
09) My Favorite Things
10) I Wish I Knew
11) For My Brother
12) Joyful Noise
13) Rasta Man Chant
14) Freddie's Dead

This DTB show comes to us by way of Chuck Miller. Sound quality is an A with a run time of 1:41:52 The show is encoded in FLAC , for information on how to handle this codec visit Photo Credit.

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