Deep Banana Blackout 2006-3-18

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Deep Banana Blackout 2006-3-18
The Paradise Lounge - Boston, Massachusetts

Deep Banana Blackout has been bringing the funk from Fairfield County, CT for over 10 years now. They formed and thrived in a state that, in my lengthy experience while living there, has produced some of the worst white guy pseudo funk (and pseudo-fratperson-funkateers) in the universe.

DBB has always been a taper friendly band, which may stem from the fact that they've relied on people passing bootlegs to create the following they have today. They're a band that thrives on live shows, and all but one of their released albums are live performances. Studio work just doesn't capture their essence, and I think they were smart enough to realize that after the tepid release that was Feel the Peel.

They've earned recognition in my inaugural post because they chose not to sign with a large label and decided instead to continue playing small shows to a loyal fan base, even though this is cited as a factor in the financial issues which caused the band to cease existence as a full time act in 2003.

Also, did I mention that they lay the funk down so hard that your ass will be shaking for weeks...?

In 2005 and 2006, the band reunited to play a few shows around St. Patrick's Day. On March 18th 2006, Dave and I attended one of these shows at the Paradise Lounge in Boston, MA. It was what DBB dubs their 10th anniversary show. We showed up early and had dinner and a drink in the restaurant area of the club. As we went into the back venue, the room was empty save a taper in an old school Public Enemy shirt setting up a rig worthy of serious envy. At that moment, I had a feeling we were in for good things, and I wasn't wrong. Kudos to Rob Adlers. The sound is top notch.

The set played out like this:

Set 1 Disc 1
Tr-01 Bring it up the Rear
Tr-02 Breakfast @ Volo's
Tr-03 Booty Ooty
Tr-04 Custard Pie
Tr-05 Stiff Pickin'
Tr-06 Mama's Ebding
Tr-07 Homo Lingo
Tr-08 Underdog
Tr-09 Take Me
Tr-10 Get Chall 98

Set 1 cont. Disc 2
Tr-01 Storm Bringer
Tr-02 Take The Time
Tr-03 Hear My Song
Tr-04 Standing on the Verge
Tr-05 Super Bad
Tr-06 Ascension
Tr-07 Gossip

Set 2 Disc. 3
Tr-01 Doin it to Death
Tr-02 Banter
Tr-03 Part Time Love
Tr-04 Bump And Sway
Tr-05 Rocker
Tr-06 Crowd
Tr-07 Boot!
The band played like they were blowing off steam from missing nearly a year of each other's musical company. They played like they'd spent 10 years faithfully funking out for the crowd. In fact, they funked like it was the last time they'd ever get to do it again!

The Deep Banana classics are well represented and there are some quality covers as well. The band was ON: They sweat and bled and laid it all out, and you can hear it. Fuzz's guitar work and Jen Durkin's vocals stand out in excellence as usual. In short, it's a blowout show. It's on par with the last DBB show at the Higher Ground just before the Winooksi, VT club closed, and that's really saying something.

It's hard to pick favorites from a show of this caliber, so I won't. Download the whole damn thing and judge for yourself! (If you like the show, I also recommend throwing the band a few bucks and picking up Rowdy Duty)

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