Hackensaw Boys 2003-06-19

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hackensaw Boys 2003-06-19
Telluride Bluegrass Festival

The first dusting of snow arrived in Worcester over the weekend, and few things mix more enjoyably than falling snow and acoustic music. So it's in that spirit that this weeks foray stars the Hackensaw Boys of Charlottesville, Virginia. Telluride is a big and important stage to play in the world of bluegrass, and one can only imagine what a thrill it is to play there (check out the banter right before "Black Canyon").

"You see them in the early hours of the morning walking hotel corridors, or boldly traversing rush hour streets. They are sincere, polite but talkative men with instrument cases. They admire the local scenery and appear unfed. By day they seem incapable of action but at night they step onto a stage and with taut fiddle bows, worn cutlery and dirty strings bring you a focused, vibrant and joyful sound. They are the Hackensaw Boys—and they are in your town." - Hackensaw Boys Lore
The Hackensaw Boys, however, were well equipped to impress. Consisting of six members for this show-down from a high of twelve when the band formed in 1999-they have enough instruments and voices to create a sonically rich mixture. They can range from the tight and fast and harmonies of "We Are Many" and "Cannonball Brokedown" to the loose and open "Buildings Are the Cages" and "Parking Lot Song." The set played out like this:
01. June Apple
02. Gordon's Still
03. Cannonball Brokedown
04. Keep It Simple
05. Gospel Plow
06. Blue Run
07. Big Bob Billy
08. We Are Many
09. Nashville
10. Smilin' Must Mean Something
11. Black Canyon
12. Blue Eyed Girl
13. Buildings Are the Cages
14. Ruby Pearl
15. Kelly's Reel
16. Parking Lot Song
17. Kiss You Down There
18. Limousine Lady
19. Sweet Petunia
Run time for the show is 1:09 and sound quality is A. Transfered by: Joe Steffen. Photo Credit.

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