The Gourds 2004-09-03

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Gourds

Time for a little taste of Austin. The Gourds first entered my life back in the early days of file sharing. This burning bluegrass version of Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice" was traveling around the internet, wrongly attributed as a Phish cover. This prompted an open letter of denial from Phish properly attributing the cover.

Awakened to this band out of Austin, I watched them release an intriguing collection of CD's featuring their mix of tex-mex cajun country rock. They were even featured on PBS' Austin City Limits. Although I've never been to Austin, this is the type of eclectic sound I'd expect to hear walking down the street. Kind of ironic then, that the one and only Gourds show on was recorded in Rhode Island.
"We came up here to promote our music...promote music...we're almost out of music...and to drink beer...and we promote tooth decay" -Ants on the Mellon 4:23
Three themes dominate this Gourds show: drinking, carrying on, and to a certain extent loving. Therefore the choice quote of this post. It seems that most of the shows I've chosen for this blog could be described by some as having a loose feel, but this one is different than the others. There is some significant banter and time between most songs, but it adds to the allure. Crafting a relationship with the audience is an important part of a live performance, and this is one way to do it. Choice cuts are "LGO," the "Maria" and "Illegal Oyster." The whole show played out like this:
Intro, LGO, Bottle and a Dime, Maria, Jesus Christ with Signs Following, Shamrock Bound, Whiskey and Blood, Take Me Back to Tulsa, Hell Hounds, Omaha, Ants on the Mellon, Illegal Oyster, Cracklins, You Boys Need a Spanking, Cranky Mullato, All the Labor, Grievin' and Smokin'

Kevin Russell, Jimmy Smith, Claude Bernard, Keith Langford, Max Johnston
Sound quality is B+. Runtime is 1:07:15 and is available in a variety of formats. Show recorded by Jerry C.

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