State Radio 2006-4-10

Sunday, January 13, 2008

State Radio Fox Theater Boulder, CO 2006-4-10 (download)

As the presidential campaign has hit high gear, it's gotten me thinking a lot more about the situation we're in here in the US, and what qualities we will need from our next leader to fix them. Dave and I are both very politically aware and active, but this isn't the forum for a diatribe on politics. You're here for some free and legal music, and that's exactly what we aim to deliver. These sorts of politically important times do tend to steer me to certain bands, and atop that list for the past few years has been State Radio.

State Radio was formed by former Dispatch member Chad Stokes Urmston in the wake of the breakup of Dispatch, one of my favorite bands to follow through their live shows around New England, first in college gyms and small clubs and later at larger venues such as the Garden and the (then) FleetBoston Pavilion.

Urmston took State Radio in a decidedly more politically active direction, actively speaking out against the war and the current administration along with other themes.

MM: How has doing your own thing with State Radio been?
CU: It’s been fun. Great people. Great musicians. Politically, we feel no holds barred on what we say. In Dispatch, the other two guys don’t necessarily feel the same way that I do about different issues. What was important to me about this band is that we wanted to be on the forefront and be very politically conscious. We want awareness and involvement and activism and education. Because it is an interesting but terrible time in our country. I wanted to be a part of a band where we can express those views.

MM: Do you think that rock and roll can create actual positive change in the world?
CU: Yes, I do. Even with some of those big tours, people are there for the music and to have a good time. There is always a fraction of the audience who take it to heart. We may not see that in consensus numbers but there are always a few people, a fraction of the total audience who really take it to heart. We’ve noticed it and it keeps us going.
One of their better sets I have heard comes to us from Boulder, CO. State Radio brought their message and sound out to the mountains, and they didn't hold back. Before a wild crowd at the Fox, they ran through a classic State Radio setlist, including favorites such as "Democracy in Kind" and my personal favorite, a frank commentary on the old mental asylum called "State Inspector". Here's the whole set, free and legal:
Intro, Right Me Up, Mr. Larkin, CIA, Democracy in Kind, Gunship Politico, Held Up, Man in the Hall, Camilo, State Inspector, The Harder They Come*, First One Shot -> Just Like Larry, Time Served, The Diner Song, Encore break, Black Cab Motorcade, Rushian
Sound quality is a B+. Thank you Ethan Alper for taping this show. Photo Credit.

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