Reid Genauer 2008-4-24

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reid Genauer
Higher Ground
April 24, 2008

Whether around a roaring bonfire with friends or outside lounging on a beach blanket at a summer concert, there is a deep connection between the lazy weather of summer and acoustic music. It is why I have written about so many acoustic bands lately. I really want summer to be here. The chosen show for this week is a solo performance from April, 2008 at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT. This is also going to be a pretty short write up, because I want to get outside and enjoy some of this beautiful weather.

Reid Genauer normally plays with Assembly of Dust, but did a string of solo dates at the beginning of the year. Tracks I especially enjoyed from this show are “Love Junkie.” “Corpus Christi," as well as “Cool Water.” Genauer does an excellent job using the rhythm of his guitar to drive and push his singing. Listen to the way he does it during “Crackling.”

"It's the birth of the eventual ending
of a life that took me half of my days
I shall find a commandeering advantage
When I look to go the rest of the way."
Mandolinist Jamie Masefield joins Genauer on a number of tracks, including a great cover of Sam Bush’s “Same Old River.” In my last post, I wrote about Blueground Undergrass’ cover of “Helpless.” I was searching the archive for others that covered the song, and ran across this show. Sometimes you just cannot get enough of a particular tune.

Genauer’s main asset is definitely his voice. While technically an accomplished guitarist, I found his guitar tone a bit too thin for my taste. An acoustic guitar should sound equal parts of the resonance of its strings and body. This is especially apparent when Masefield steps into the mix. While the sun is still out, I’m going to go load this show onto my iPod and take a good long sit out on the front stoop. Enjoy!

Run time is 1:32 and sound quality is A. Thanks to Jonah S. for posting this show. I stole the photo from and it was taken by Greg Kessier.

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