Society! 2008-05-24

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Society! 2008-05-24 Winston's Ocean Beach, CA (Download)

***I'm going to keep this post very short as the first heat wave of the year and it's reaching the "Witching Hour" in my apartment, when it will be too hot to be inside until after the sun sets. Worcester is definitely living up to its reputation as the Death Valley of New England today!

As I may have mentioned before, I love afrobeat. Good music should take you somewhere, and where better to be taken than to a vivid mental image of chilling in a seedy corrugated steel walled Lagos bar, chasing away the day's heat with a cold one? For today's post, I decided to follow Dave's brave lead from a few posts back and pick a show from a band that I've never heard before. After a few false starts, I found a winner.

I'd love to tell you all sorts of things about Society!, but damned if I can find much of anything other than that they play a lot in the San Diego area. Their website is unbelievably sparse as far as providing any bio on the band, but I can also tell you now that they put on an extremely good live show. The mix of straight afrobeat and rock works well and really stands to highlight the differences between the two sounds as well. Listen to the first track and you'll notice that in typical afrobeat fashion, the guitar sets the tempo. This leaves the percussionist(s) free to tear it up. This in in definite contrast with the orck oriented tracks, where the guitar runs the show creatively.

Here's the setlist in its entirety:

01 - Into the Frenetic
02 - Shock Shock Shock
03 - Halo on a Mountain Lion
04 - Go to War with Fire
05 - Rise from Black Waters
06 - Off the Streets
07 - Guinea Fowl
08 - Seas of Red
09 - Ready, Sedition

Sound quality is B+, it's a bit dirty but still quite enjoyable. Tyler Huff taped this show, thank you! Photo credit goes to the band.

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